Supporters of Trehan enter the escorts’ facility

NEW DELHI: In the continuing tussle between Fortis Healthcare and Naresh Trehan, two of his sacked supporters on Monday entered the hospital premises defying a ban on their entry. Security guards at Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIRC) were ordered to restrict Jugal Sharma, B Kaul, K S Sehgal and business development head Sriram Khattar from entering the hospital. However, K S Sehgal and Jugal Sharma entered the hospital. The hospital’s management had sacked Trehan’s supporters K S Sehgal and Jugal Sharma on Sunday, while B Kaul and Sriram Khattar had resigned protesting cardiologist’s ouster. The management also transferred a close ally of Trehan and a director at EHIRC, Yatin Mehta, from Delhi to Jaipur. Security guards tried to stop Trehan also, but, realising the management order on court directions, later allowed him inside the premises. Meanwhile, Fortis sources said the management is currently having a meeting to decide against the sacked employees, who entered the premises.

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