The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh makes way for an ambulance and has police protect it.

LUCKNOW: On Friday, when Yogi Adityanath, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, was in Varanasi, he waived through traffic to let an ambulance past so that its patients could get to the hospital in time. The lady who had just given birth was in severe condition, and her family was riding in the ambulance with her. According to A Satish Ganesh, police commissioner in Varanasi, the CM’s cavalcade was on its way to Sarnath when they saw the ambulance approaching. Anjali Singh, the pregnant lady in the ambulance, had begun hemorrhaging shortly after giving birth and was in a severe condition. The CM was alerted right away. As soon as the CM found out, he issued orders for everyone to get out of the path of the ambulance. The patient’s husband, Abhishek Singh, stated that they were from the hamlet of Dharhara in the Varanasi neighborhood of Chaubepur, and that an escort had been assigned to ensure the ambulance made it to the hospital as quickly as possible. He said that they were on their way to the hospital when they saw the CM’s cavalcade and quickly realized they would be delayed. A female cousin who was also on the trip stated the family was very appreciative to the administration for making sure the patient got to the hospital safely by informing the police commissioner, who in turn contacted the CM. Now she is in the intensive care unit. Even though the CM was on his way, the administration helped us get through it. I would want to thank the CM, too,” she said.

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