The major focus will be on coordinating the flight and fleet operations of IAC.

Commodore Vidhyadhar Harke, the ship’s CO (Design), has stated that once the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) is commissioned and renamed INS Vikrant, the Indian Navy’s primary focus will be on the integration of flight and fleet operations of the ship. KOCHI. Harke told TOI that accomplishing these goals is vital and would take “due time,” adding that the Navy has already established a phased strategy to expedite the process. Since the IAC, like any carrier, will operate as part of a carrier battle group (CBG) consisting of other warships, fleet integration will be an immediate focus. It will take “inherently finite time” to completely operationalize the IAC. “Within a short span of 24 hours, the carrier can move more than 300 miles. It will not just move alone but with its escort ships and fighter jets, which means we bring to bear that kind of force, which is mobile, potent, and self-sustaining,” he said. Harke described being the first carrier commanding officer as “exhilarating,” but noted the responsibilities that come with the position. The Navy and the nation have placed a heavy burden on Harke’s shoulders, and he must carry out the task of commissioning and integrating the ship into the fleet as planned. “For me and my crew, the endeavor would be to come up with the desired standards and expectations of the country, and we will not let you down,” Harke said.

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