The minister’s escort’s gun in J&K fires.

NEW DELHI: On Monday, passengers at Jammu airport had a tight escape when a J&K minister’s escort’s gun unintentionally went off while being unloaded. The bullet ricocheted off the floor, hurting a flight attendant. The minister and his security team reportedly drove to the main building’s entrance door without passing the first round of security inspection. “The minister’s team had a loaded licensed gun. At the terminal’s Xray machine, the security team tried to remove the bullets from the weapon and a shot got fired. Luckily, it did not hit anyone directly. It ricocheted off the ground and injured a loader,” said sources. “The minister’s team had a loaded licensed gun. Once he reaches his goal, the owner receives the ammunition back. Officials are uneasy about the incident. Although there are not many incidents of unintentional shooting at airports, there have been times when travelers have been apprehended with weapons and ammunition. A passenger’s check-in luggage had a gun that was discovered upon arrival in Dubai a few months ago. Licensed firearms may be transported on domestic flights but not on international ones. Jammu and Kashmir’s airports rank among the most heavily secured in the nation.

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