This is not the reason I traveled to India:

New Delhi: She pulls a cigarette from the pack with her teeth, a skill she honed for months to increase her’sex appeal.’ “This is not why I came to India,” she says. Kaza is a 24-year-old Uzbek woman who came to Mumbai last December with a group of women promised big money in India. The Uzbek auntie who came to brief us at first appeared cordial, but she soon imposed startling regulations. We attended our appointments only to discover they were front positions. The real deal was to serve guests at night.” Kaza resisted, but it was a choice between easy money and torture, and she chose to pocket her money, even though she got less than half of her earnings. That was nothing compared to the problems she encountered when she went solo six months later. She fought with her pimp over payments and moved out of her flat. I danced with single men, gained entry for them at times, and negotiated my price over a drink. The enraged employer sent ‘police’ after Kaza; they followed her everywhere. I began receiving calls from unidentified numbers. Finally, I made contact with the local police officer and became his friend. He shooed them away.” Kaza works at a different restaurant from 12pm to 8pm. Her hotel trysts earn Rs 3-4 lakh a month.

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