Today is the third convocation of GSVM.

Dr. Ashok Seth, an interventional cardiologist at Escorts Hospital in New Delhi, spoke about the most recent cardiac procedures. He said that while ‘TAVI,’ or trans-catheter implantation of prosthetic aortic valves, is becoming more popular worldwide, it has not yet gained much traction in India due to its high cost and experimental stage. This technology has enormous potential and there seems little doubt that it will play an important part in the treatment of aortic stenosis in frail patients, unsuitable for conventional surgical aortic valve replacement,” Dr Seth added. He informed that patients can go home within 24 hours after this surgery and even run after a week. Talking about the cost of surgery, the expert said that it costs nearly 15 to 17 lakh per operation as the compressed valve used in surgery is very costly. Talking about the present status of cardiac diseases in the country, Dr Seth said that rheumatic valve infection is high among Indian youth. The elderly population is suffering from aotic cardiovascular infections. Giving explanation about the transfer of GSVM faculty members to Kannauj Medical College, director general, medical education and training, Saudan Singh said that its needs experienced teachers at the time of establishment of new college. He added that GSVM teachers hold a good record among the medical colleges in UP. Transfers were always done with the consent of medical college authorities and by analysing the need of teachers in the particular institutions. He also assured re-transfer of various professors of post graduate courses after the establishment process of Kannauj Medical College is over. “The expansion of medical colleges from 25 to 40 will require the shifting of few good teachers to the newly established medical institutions. Additionally, this growth made it possible for teachers from outside the region to join the medical colleges in UP. Many medical academics from Maharashtra and Bihar have already joined a couple of the state’s newly founded colleges, Singh continued.

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