Trehan was fired from the Escorts because of a “conflict of interest.”

NEW DELHI: Fortis’ management has terminated Naresh Trehan’s administrative rights and asked him to relinquish his responsibilities due to a “conflict of interest” between his Medicity project and its Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIRC). On Saturday, hospital security guards humiliated the cardiologist. Shivinder Mohan Singh, the managing director of Fortis Hospitals, told reporters that Trehan will have “limited entry” until all of the patients registered under him have been treated. EHIRC security guards, however, prevented Trehan from entering the hospital premises on Friday morning and only allowed him to enter after relatives of patients had arrived. Worried were the family members of those patients who required major surgery. The cardiologist has been asked to give up his duties as a doctor and administrator at the hospital, which Fortis acquired in 2005 from Rajan Nanda for Rs 585 crore. Singh, who holds a majority 90% stake in EHIRC, denies any attempt to purchase Trehan’s 10% stake in the organization. Singh, however, said that the liability of such surgeries would fall on Trehan. He is still investing with EHIRC, according to Singh.

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