UP man’s wives and Kashmiri women donate kidneys at a hospital in Delhi

The rare interstate swap transplant, in which donors and recipients are switched, was carried out by a team of doctors at Fortis Escorts, Okhla. The patients, 58-year-old Vijay Kumar, a former Army officer from Bareilly, and 62-year-old Mohd Sultan Dar, who works in a telephone department in Kashmir, received new leases on life after their wives each donated the organ to the husband of the other. Ultimately, Dar received the kidney donated by Kumar’s wife, while Kumar received the kidney donated by Dar’s wife. Both men had been receiving dialysis for approximately 18 months. They traveled to Fortis to receive transplants. According to Dr. Sanjeev Gulati, principal director of nephrology and kidney transplant at the hospital, “there was a mismatch of donor and recipient blood groups in both cases. In such a scenario, one of the options is a swap transplant, which is very rare in India.After the decision to swap kidneys was made, the patients were admitted to Fortis Escorts, where all necessary medical tests were performed. For organ transplant patients and donors, these included a pre-transplant compatibility check and human leukocyte antigen typing, a genetic test. The switch transplant surgery was then carried out. On March 16, a six-doctor team performed four surgeries that took six hours to complete. The team was directed by Dr. Gulati and comprised two junior physicians as well as Drs. Ajit Singh Narula (nephrology), Anil Gulia, and Paresh Jain (urology and kidney transplant). Dr. Gulati told TOI that if the transplant had not been carried out in a timely manner, the patients might have only had five years to live. Bidish Chandra Paul, zonal director at Fortis Hospital, said, “The best part is that the two people who recognised the need and urgency of the transplant mutually came forward to donate their kidneys to save the lives of the respective sp.”

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