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PANCHKULA: The Panchkula Police has made the decision to start a campaign to inform locals about its program that enables citizens to request security when making withdrawals of Rs. 1 lakh or more. The choice was made in response to the most recent attempted robbery at the Sector 8 post office. Only six citizens have requested police protection when withdrawing money from banks so far, despite the fact that the police launched this program in June of last year. In order to raise awareness, Panchkula police will now undertake new conversations with district bank officials and resident welfare organisations. Banks and resident welfare organisations also need to disseminate the word, according to police officials, so that people will come forward. Officials claimed that individuals are reluctant to use this service but acknowledged that the inflexible attitude of police officers may be a factor in this. A person can call the Panchkula SP office to use this service, and police will get in touch with him and give him security free of charge when he goes to the bank. The procedure is easy, according to Sandeep Khirwar, the Panchkula SP. People ought to come forward so that the police can offer them adequate safety protection. Anyone who needs assistance can come see me. Although the police are making every effort, we still need public support for this cause. SK Nayyar, president of the Panchkula Citizens Welfare Association, said that it is challenging for the police to take action without the cooperation of the public. People ought to speak up. All resident associations will be urged to distribute this information by our association.

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