US madam provided escorts for £30,000 each night.

A Hollywood madam admitted to providing females to famous people and charged them $130,000 for a single night. Michelle Braun admitted hiring more than 70 women, including upscale fashion models, Hollywood actors, and Playboy centerfolds, to manage the prostitution network and entered a plea of guilty to money laundering and prostitution. Braun’s customers’ names have been kept a secret, but according to her attorney, the list included many well-known A-list celebrities. Let us just say you would be shocked, shall we? They included business leaders, celebrities, athletes, and even more powerful people, according to Marc Nurik, who was reported by the Telegraph. After a two-year undercover operation, FBI investigators managed to capture the 31-year-old. Braun was arrested after agreeing to drive a girl across state borders to see a client who was an undercover agent. Braun was reported to have made more than 5 million pounds from the online escort service. Santa Ana, California, prosecutors have requested that Braun get a 20,000 pound fine, six months of house arrest, and five years of probation.

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