Western Express Highway tragedy involving the motorcade of the Maharashtra chief minister

SURAT: A number of advertisements for male escorts have resurfaced in the upscale Parle Point and City Light neighborhoods of the city. The ads include the name of a woman and her phone number and offer a male escort Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 per day. Posters were affixed to walls and breaker boxes. In December 2012, similar posters were seen in the Parle Point, City Light, and Ring Road neighborhoods. In June 2012, a man approached a woman outside the Sargam Shopping Center and offered her a visiting card. TOI reported on this development in the city. It is frightening that such activities are being publicly advertised, said a store owner whose shop was close by and whose poster was stuck to an energy box. “I tried calling on the number just to find out what it is all about, but I did not receive any reply,” the shop owner said. A few high school and college students used mobile applications to spread the poster’s image, and others even called the number directly from their phones. The handbill was pasted near the home of a local resident who remarked, “Normally people do not read the handbills pasted on walls. But this posters on public road catches public attention. The authorities should do something.” Police started looking into the situation when the posters first appeared in 2012 to see whether it was a prostitution ring or an attempt to harass a woman. Police have not made any progress on the case, though. Police commissioner Rakesh Asthana stated that police would look into the situation.

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