While being brought to Pollachi, the prisoner gives the cops the slip.

COIMBATORE: An 18-year-old suspect in a pickpocket case managed to elude police custody while being brought to the Pollachi Borstal school facility, where offenders between the ages of 18 and 21 are detained. Two police officers were tasked with accompanying two suspected juveniles. Late on Thursday night, the teenagers had fled from the main bus station in Pollachi. M Arumugam (18), M Karthik (18), of Sivananda Colony in Coimbatore, and Sunil Kumar (17), of Malappuram in Kerala, were allegedly picked up in Coimbatore for pickpocketing, according to the police. Arumugam and Karthik were remanded to the Borstal School, while Sunil Kumar, who was a kid, was sent to the juvenile home. Head constable Sivagiri, a head constable assigned to the Kattoor police station, and Constable Kannan, a policeman from the Armed Reserve camp, took the pair to the Pollachi facility. When the three of them got off the bus at the Pollachi bus stop, they were bound together by handcuffs. Arumugam requested permission from the police officer to use the restroom at the bus stop. When his handcuffs were taken off and he was told to report back in 10 minutes, he climbed the compound wall and ran away. Later, a police report (FIR) was filed in relation to the incident at Pollachi East police station.

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