Why did only one officer accompany the terrorists?

NEW DELHI: The probe into the escape of the three Pakistani terrorists has shown up some alarming lapses on the part of Delhi Police and FRRO officials. The Lampur detention centre near Narela is run by the Foreigners Regional Registeration Office (FRRO) and sub-inspector Dina Singh Moni of Meghalaya Police, who was guarding the three terrorists, was on deputation to FRRO. Sources claimed Moni did not ask for any additional backup to help escort the three terrorists when they were being taken to Guru Nanak Eye Hospital for eye checkups. Special branch sources said they had issued ‘restraining orders’ against the three, which means the terrorists were not supposed to have been allowed out of Lampur detention centre. Should any medical treatment have been required, the terrorists were to be escorted by at least three policemen including one sub-inspector. Explaining deportation procedure for the three, an official said, ‘‘The Hauz Khas police station where the three terrorists were originally booked received information about completion of their jail terms in April and October last year, after which custody of them was given to special branch. The special branch, via restraining orders, had restricted their movement till they were deported and the three were detained at Lampur detention centre.” ‘‘It is FRRO which runs the detention centre with the help of policemen from various state units. Whenever a deportee requires a medical checkup or if a court hearing comes up, the deportee is escorted by Delhi Police on the request of FRRO,” said the officer. Special branch is only entrusted with the deportation of Pakistani nationals. On Friday, sub-inspector Moni escorted the terrorists to Guru Nanak Eye Hospital. After their check ups, Moni and the terrorists were having lunch at Ambica restauranta in Cycle Market in Kotwali. Moni went to use the bathroom but when he came back, he found all three missing.Moni did not inform anybody and returned to Lampur detention centre. He called up the special branch only at 4 in the morning on Saturday. FRRO officials denied any lapses on their part and said the deportation of Pakistani nationals is handled by special branch. In 2009, FRRO had deported nearly 200 Bangadeshi nationals and 50 Nigerian nationals to their respective countries. rahul.tripathi@timesgroup.com

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