woman escorts for travelers

NEW DELHI: International travel has recently gained a little more glitz. The escort will meet the travelers at the airport, provide a luxury car transit to the hotel, and also help them with locating shopping areas and sightseeing. They are fluent in at least one European language aside from English and will assist travelers in these foreign locales in understanding the culture and also identifying landmarks. Now, plan an overseas trip with travel agency SOTC and chances are that a Miss India finalist would be your special escort throughout the stay. To satisfy their requirements and desires, this service is being launched. In the event of an emergency, these escorts would be available to them and only a phone call away, according to Karkaria. The deal, Christopher Columbus Holidays, is currently only available in Europe, but the company plans to expand it over the coming months to include the US, Russia, the Gulf, Hawaii, and Africa. The girls are currently stationed in eleven major European nations, including England, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Were there any particular justifications for selecting the Miss India finalists? “No. Only by chance did two of the applicants for the position turn out to be Miss India finalists.

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